Design Matters 2017 – 13 Sketchnotes

I volunteered for Design Matters 2017 in order to get access to a workshop I needed to observe for my Master thesis. I was so fortunate that I was able to sketchnote during most of the very interesting talks from the event – enjoy.

Day 1

Welcome to Design Matters!

Introduction to themes – Ingrid Haug Co-founder, Design Matters.

“Ingrid will welcome you and introduce this year’s themes: Conversational UI’s, Spreading the Product Design DNA and Embrace Failure! She will talk about, how these movements are emerging and changing the role of the designer.” – From the Design Matters event description

The End is the Beginning – Embrace Failure
Rahul Sen Design Manager, Spotify

“Using examples from history, biology and the Indian culture of ‘jugaad’, Rahul talks about failing smart and often. He’ll draw from experiences at Spotify and talk about, how we as designers need to focus on learning cheaply through our process and make new mistakes to enable a culture of success.” – From the Design Matters event description

Applying Vonnegut’s 8 Rules for Writing to User Experience – Design DNA
Hazel Jennings Content Strategist, Instagram

“As designers, we’re constantly redefining how people interact with content. So what can a 1960’s counter culture novelist teach us about onboarding users or making product decisions? Hazel will talk about how Instagram works with Vonnegut´s 8 rules – including where to start your story and the job of every sentence.” – From the Design Matters event description

Is your design flexible?
Yesenia Perez, Vox Media.

“Design Director Yesenia will share her experiences with creating a unified and flexible core design system that accommodates eight media brands.” – From the Design Matters event description


How Uber Builds Trust in Self-Driving Cars – Design DNA

Molly Nix Senior Product Designer, Uber

“Uber is huge company, with a diverse set of products and design challenges. Molly will talk about the methodologies that designers at Uber use to tackle these challenges, particularly through the lens of designing for the onset of self-driving technology, paving the way toward the future of transportation.” – From the Design Matters event description


Designing Voice UI’s: from Blank Page to World Stage – Conversational UI

Cheryl Platz Former Alexa Designer

“As the first designer on the recently-released Echo Look from Amazon, Cheryl transformed the initial idea into an brand new product category: an affordable and fully voice-enabled fashion assistant.” – From the Design Matters event description


Day 2

Art vs. Product- Embrace Failure

Nicholas Felton Information Designer, Feltron

“A decade of data collection and visualization has given Nicholas a unique point of view. His experience with the Annual Report series has fueled the development of several digital products, with differing degrees of success. Nicholas reflects on, what worked and what didn’t, as he attempts to incorporate these lessons into a new tool.” – From the Design Matters event description


Validated. Communicating designs that appeal to the business – Design DNA

Brent Palmer Product Design Lead, Zendesk

“Brent will talk about, how the real designers are the ones making the decisions. He’ll bring cases where data and stories come together to offer richer and more compelling narratives. And demonstrate how to validate ideas quickly (sort of), avoids “design-speak” with stakeholders, and delivers evidence that demands a verdict.” – From the Design Matters event description


Designing for Scale at Scale – Design DNA

Katy Tsai & Maria Iu Design Lead & UX Design Manager, LinkedIn

“Katy and Maria will talk about how LinkedIn approached the complete redesign of both their mobile and web experiences, and how to create horizontal alignment to make decisions that puts members first. They’ll cover the challenges of designing for 500 million members – how LinkedIn overhauled the IA, built a new design language, and worked with teams across the company to spread the product design DNA.” – From the Design Matters event description


New frontiers for designing immersive 3D experiences

Matias Søndergaard CPO & Co-founder, Rokoko

“With new hardware technologies, such as wearables and VR-goggles, it is now finally possible to design very immersive experiences in 3D. But, how does these technologies challenge the way we design fantastic experiences today and the future of design in general? Join the talk and find out exactly what’s happening within wearable tech.” – From the Design Matters event description

Do you speak human? – Conversational UI

Daniel Friis, Kaave Pour & Bas Van de Poel Designers, SPACE10

“As a warm up to the Design Salon SPACE10 will give a talk on conversational UI. What if we could interact with technology the way we interact with people? What if technology could speak the language of humans and accommodate the needs of hundreds of millions individuals? Do you speak human? is a lab exploring conversational interfaces and artificial intelligence, prototyping future applications that could positively change the way we interact with our technology and each other.” – From the Design Matters event description


Feature, Not a Bug – Design DNA

Amy Roberts Designer, Google

“People love Chrome but they can’t tell you why. With over a billion users — on every platform, in nearly any language — it’s mission to deliver ‘content not chrome’ has been met with product loyalty and growth at a massive scale. But where is the brand if the product’s goal is invisibility? In this talk, Amy will explore how Chrome is both challenged and thriving in this contradictory space. She will dive into examples to understand how getting out of the way can make people feel closer to your product, what happens when weird mistakes become desirable quirks, and how brand magic can be hiding right under your nose.” – From the Design Matters event description


Learning from failure to be a better designer – Embrace Failure

Sam Horner Product Design, Netflix

“When so much about design is personal, admitting something you’ve created is failing isn’t easy. At Netflix, every new design feature is rigorously tested before they release it to the public. Naturally, not everything goes the way you expect. In this session, Sam will walk through how Netflix approaches designing products and how success and failure isn’t as simple as it may seem.” – From the Design Matters event description