Why I have started this blog

Where do I start?

I have created this blog as a way of nudging myself to document working with and learning sketchnoting & other types of visual thinking, expanding my playground for working with UX and the design process.

In order to get off to a good start, I chose to do an individual paper as part of my masters degree on the subject of Graphic facilitation. During my research I discovered that sketchnoting (which I have practiced for over 2 years) is just one of many sub-practises that have emerged, from the overall practise of a field called Visual Facilitation. The more I read about the overall practice of Visual Facilitation, the more confused I got, by all the overlapping definitions and subcategories with similar names, but slightly conflicting definitions.

I am used to a practical approach, so it was really good for me to be forced to look at such a practical field from an academic angle, and research it in a structured way. Although the paper I wrote is academic in nature, my findings can be put to practical use. I will post some of these findings along the way on my blog, combined with documenting my continuous journey in learning sketchnotes and giving tips and tricks how to start practicing yourself.