Sketchnote of Meet & Greet @ Hellogroup with CPHUX

This morning I attended a Meet & Greet at Hello Group, where we were met by Anders F. Olsen (Lead Producer) and Mette R. Andresen (Design Lead). The event is part of a series of Meet & Greet events by Helena Levison from CPHUX, with the mission of : “creating transparency around the term UX design both on a designer perspective and on a company level.”


How they work at Hellogroup:

HelloGroup work in the crosssection of Technology, Busines and the Human – solving problems for people rather than just designing apps. Rather than thinking of people having digital needs, they think of people having “people needs”.

The way HelloGroup describes the way they work, is very similar to the way I have been taught a good ‘Design thinking’ process  – using the double diamond as an overall framework and gathering insights in the field using various discovery methods, ending with lots of user-testing and repeating in an iterative loop. They believe that solving problems really boils down to understanding people.

Sketchnote done live at the event – click to see it full size.

Too top it all of, they even run workshops and Design Sprints, which makes me very happy! This means they actually include the client in the process itself often, do regular user-tests and overall work with an iterative process. When faced with the question of what they do when the client does not want to spend time/money on discovery, they explain that they spend time selling the idea of proper research to the client, so they understand the importance of the work – going as far as insisting on research as an integral part of the way they work.

The Hellogroup Offices:
The HelloGroup office is a mix of openspaces and meeting rooms for 70ish people, with plenty room to breathe! When a team works on a project for a long time, they have a workshop area where user testing also takes place. Running around on scooters, playing ping pong, having their own coffee bar and an annual Roskilde festival trip is part of the perks of working here.



What are Hellogroup looking for in a UX designer?:
They say they are not actively seeking new people, but will always welcome a good job application.

If you want to work with these awesome people, a tip would be to show them the way you think and solve problems – they are more interested in your overall mindset rather than specific skills that you can learn later. Although you should be honest about passion areas, it is a good idea to show you are able to stretch as well.

The profile of “Tomorrows designer” should know where they contribute in the double diamond design process – and embody some of these key features:

  • Insight driven & analytical
  • strategic thinking & Critical reflection
  • Business & process understanding
  • Complexity & chaos

Something else that made me really happy was that they stress the importance of being able to facilitate design processes as a skill – so I’m spot on with my current thesis about designing a framework for collaborative workshops, as well as my ever improving visual facilitation skill.

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