Sustainability event at Implement Consulting – with case from Novo Nordisk


In the end of November 2019 I had the pleasure of attending an event about Sustainable Business by Implement Consulting. They had invited Dorethe Nielsen from Novo Nordisk to speak about the project: Circular for Zero.

I invite you to take a journey through this sketchnote, where I have captured some of the main points of the 2+ hour event on one overview.

My most important takeway from Implement Consulting’s part of the talk:

“Do not make a sustability strategy or even just a sustainable strategy – make a sustainable business. “

Novo Nordisk has the ambition to have a completely ZERO footprint – and they set out clear goals to reach this along the way. My most important takeway from the Novo Nordisk part of the talk, was the overview of all the projects that they are working on from a circular perspective. From thinking of the supplier footprint, to the 6000 company cars.

Overall a circular mindset is to RE-USE, Minimize consumption and turn waste into new resources.

This is all possible because they thought execution and funding in the strategy from the beginning – as well as closely collaborating with top management. The CEO has even ended up being their biggest supporter! Lastly they made it a key point to create engagement with the employees, as well as seeking out inspiration actively.

I am looking forward to follow their work!