Using Evernote to digitally search through my Sketchnotes

Looking for a way to make my handwritten notes searchable in a digital format, I stumbled across the following video which in less than to minutes shows how to use Evernote to scan your notes and enable handwriting recognition.

It was pretty easy to set up, within 5 minutes I had added several notes. The feature is far from perfect, it is strange the words it recognizes and the ones it does not. I need to test this out more. Never the less, as a practical storage for all my notes I will use this feature since I am an avid Evernote user anyway.

It is not all Sketchnotes that are pretty or worth writing about in depth – they served their purpose when I made them in order for me to concentrate and remember better. I will publish most of them on my personal public evernote from now on if you are curious, for my own use. Be aware, a lot of the old notes I have made are half finished and the scanned images more practical than pretty. I am publishing to show the real life everyday progress I am making.