UX Copenhagen 2019 sketchnotes

The notes and a full summary will be added ASAP (problably not before this weekend, since I have my dayjob too). Expect them to gradually pop in, and I will keep you posted when to expect them.

Some of them needs a bit of retouching, hence the delay, since it is too taxing to do so many detailed notes in a row for 2 days straight, and my handwriting then gets less and less legible.

UX Copenhage Day 1:

Jim Forrest: “Internet Go the F*ck to sleep”.

“Thoughts on how to take control of your life ONLINE & who to hold accountable including yourself”.

The talk started on a personal note, about when he first got into the web design industry back in 1997 and compared then to the NOW – with the added dimension of moving from the US to Denmark – giving examples of some services and their “always on” mentality, which rewards being addicted and always having what you crave accessible.

Some services are doing the opposite – like the B&H photo closing their shop AND their online shop on sundays. This makes us think about the responsibility of the service providers themselves. For example just think about the repercussions of file sizes changing – in the early days the use of the Internet had a lot of waiting time. Not anymore, it lurs you to just keep spending time on it and rewards your addiction.